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Art Requirements


We have put together some basic guidelines below that should help with
questions regarding your artwork. If you still have questions please call our
Prepress department at 1-800-395-2468.


ADOBE PHOTOSHOP: Minimum image resolution at full size should be 150 PPI
(Pixels Per Inch) or greater. CMYK or RGB color space.

ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR: Preferred formats are .EPS or .AI with embedded
images and fonts converted to outlines.

ADOBE INDESIGN: Include all fonts and linked files. Please save in native
format of .INDD and a copy exported to .IDML format.

PDF: In our workflow PDFs are processed for print production using Adobe
Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop, we choose the best option based on file
contents/complexity of art.

OTHER FILE FORMATS: We can also accept Corel Draw X3 files. We do not
accept the following file formats: Microsoft Publisher, FlexiSign, Quark, CAD.


  • COLOR SPACE: If specifying spot colors use Pantone+ Solid Coated color
    book. If specifying CMKY colors use Pantone+ CMYK Coated color book.
  • IMAGE BLEEDS: Bleed is extra color that extends beyond the final size of your
    print. In order to ensure ink coverage is edge to edge on your print, we ask
    that you send your files with a minimum of 0.25" bleed around perimeter of
    your design.
  • FONTS: When you add text to your file it is important that the text be
    Outlined/Converted to Art before you send to us. If the text isn’t outlined, font
    substitution may occur when we open the file. Sending Font files along with
    your art files is acceptable.
  • LINKED IMAGES: When you place an image into a program like Illustrator or
    InDesign, that image is not stored in the file itself. Instead, the program Links
    to the location where the image is stored on your computer. When you save
    the document, the image is not being saved with it. When you submit files to
    us, please Embed your Linked Images. Sending Linked Images along with your
    art files is acceptable.
  • SCALED FILES: If submitting files that are not the same as finish size
    dimensions please let us know scale factor: 1/4 Scale, 1/2 Scale, etc. Or
    alternately, let us know enlargement factor: 200% of File Size, 400% of File
    Size, etc.
  • POCKETS AND HEMS: Extra material at the edge of the print is turned over
    and stitched according to the project specifications. It is important that
    nothing crucial (text elements and logo art) falls in the Pocket/Hem areas.
    Background images and non-essential design elements may fall within the
    Pocket/Hem areas.
  • CUT PATHS: If your project is cut to shape, we ask that you supply us with a
    Cut Path. A Cut Path is a vector shape that allows our cutter to read and
    match up with registration marks. A simple one pixel stroke on the shape is
    needed, and preferably placed on a separate layer named "Cut Path".


  • PPI = Pixels Per Inch
    The number of pixels per inch in screen/scanner file terms.
  • DPI = Dots Per Inch
    Units used to measure the resolution of a printer.
  • LPI = Lines Per Inch
    Used in Lithography/Offset Printing: Refers to Dots/Lines Per Inch in a
    Halftone or Line Screen, not used in digital print production.


We require Print Ready files to ensure the best possible reproduction of your
furnished art. We offer one hour of complimentary design in our Prepress
department to allow for minor corrections to your furnished files. If additional
time is required we will always quote that in advance, our rate is $65.00 per


Current Media Formats: CD, DVD, Blue-Ray, Flash Drive.

Files 25MB or smaller can be emailed.

FTP (Requires dedicated FTP app/program)
Username: artwork
Password: online

Secure WWW Interface
Upload files up to 40 MB using Public Folder
Upload files up to 2 GB with a FREE User Account

Cloud Services
Share art files with us via: Dropbox, Hightail, Box, MEGA, Microsoft Office 365,
Google, We Transfer, or other Cloud Service.

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  • “I want to thank for all the work you did to make the MetroLink station look so great. Everyone is thrilled with the final product (hope you are too). Jeff, special thanks for your willingness to respond to our concerns about the windscreens by producing them again, differently. They look outstanding now. I'm sure the crowds coming down to the Riverfront for July 4th celebrations got the full impact of the station. Your efforts are very much appreciated.”
    - Susan
  • "All I can say (or anyone at the city hall) is OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • “You are the shining stars of the banner industry and the other vendors we have used in the past have become lackadaisical and unresponsive. I am requesting to the city that you become our only vendor for banners because of superior customer service.”
  • "I just got off the phone with my client, and she is SOOO happy with how these turned out! She wanted to make sure that everyone who helped get these for them knows how much they appreciate the great work. I also wanted to let you know how nice it was working on this project with you guys - you made my life just that much less difficult, and that counts for a lot in my book :) Thank you!"
    - Mary Ann
  • "You guys do a great job and someone from a neighboring town (Carbondale) came by and asked who does our banners, so I gave them your contact information!"
    - Heather
  • “Appreciate the follow-up. I've been very pleased by the service and quality of your firm.”
    - John, St. Louis Children’s Hospital

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